Citizenship Certificate

Form “Citizenship 1” which can be downloaded from the website “

Registration of Birth

Application for registration of birth outside Sri Lanka (Within 90 days of the birth – Form B4), after 90 days – Form B6). These forms can be downloaded from Registrar General’s Department’s website (

Required documents

  1. Parents’ original Birth Certificates
  2. Parents’ original Marriage Certificate
  3. The original letter issued by the hospital authorities regarding the child’s birth
  4. Birth Certificate issued by City Corporation with English translation (should be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangladesh – Consular Division)
  5. Two photo copies of parents Passports (2, 3, 5, 6 & valid visa page at the time of the birth of the child) with the original
  6. Declaration Forms 1 & 2 of Citizenship of father/mother at the time of Child’s birth which can be downloaded from the website “
  7. Fee of Taka 3300/- up to one year

Registration of birth under Citizenship Act

A separate set of above documents should be submitted at the time of handing over for registration of birth of a child under the Citizenship Act.

Every form/certificate should be submitted in duplicate along with its originals. The original will be returned after certifying the relevant photocopies.

All certificates issued in Sri Lanka should have to be attested by the Consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka.

For more information please contact the High Commission.

Registration of Death

Forms – (Within 90 days of the Death – Form B 11, After 90 days – Form B 15). Forms can be downloaded from the website “

Required documents

  1. Death Report/Certificate issued by the relevant government authority.
  2. Passport of the deceased with visa page
  3. Death Report/Post Mortem Report.
  4. Fee is Taka 1495/-.


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