Attestation of Certificates/Documents

  1. The Mission may countersign the documents originating from Sri Lanka/Bangladesh (as relevant) only if the documents have been duly signed by the authorized officer attached to the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka/Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh
  2. Mission could attest/authenticate documents originating in their host countries provided the documents carry the official seal and have been signed by the authorized officers of the Consular Division of the respective Foreign Ministry
  3. If the documents are originating from a concurrently accredited country, the additional requirement is that the documents should carry due authentication by the resident Mission of the concurrently accredited country located in the host country
  4. Consular fee Taka 1725/- should be paid.

Power of Attorney / Affidavits

  1. It is not mandatory that an affidavit should be obtained through the lawyers
  2. Any citizen of Sri Lanka should be able to swear/affirm an Affidavit before a Diplomatic/Consular officer and have his signature attested.
  3. Fee for attestation of an Affidavit is Taka 1725/-.
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