Registration of Birth & Death

Attestation of documents

Police Clearance Certificates

Issuance of Visas

Tourist Visas

Bangladeshi Nationals visiting Sri Lanka as tourists or business purposes are permitted to enter Sri Lanka without prior visas and will be given a 30-day visa on arrival.
Those who wish to obtain visas prior to their departure may obtain visas by submitting the following documents:

  • Duly completed Visa Application Form
  • Valid Passport (Valid for at least 06 months)
  • Copies of pages 1-5 of the Passport
  • Return air ticket and photocopy of the ticket
  • Invitation or offer letter from Sri Lanka
  • Two copies of recently taken passport size colour photographs
  • At least US$ 1000/= (for 30 days) US$ 500/- (for 2 weeks) foreign exchange endorsement or Receipt of the endorsement.  If Credit Card is used, the balance should be certified by the respective bank. (If the applicant is sponsored, he/she will be exempted from the above requirement.)
  • Visa Fee Taka 1750/-

Business Visa (in addition to the above requirements)

  • Letter from the local employer / agency giving details and the purpose of visit with specific dates of travel
  • Invitation / offer/ correspondence from relevant organization in Sri Lanka

Gratis Visa

Prior visas are required. In addition to the item Nos. 1,2,3,5 & 6 indicated under the requirements of Tourist Visa, the following are required:

  • Government Order
  • Note Verbale from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh or relevant International Organization
  • Diplomatic/Official Passport

Residence Visa

  • The local company/organization in Sri Lanka has to make a request to Department of Immigration & Emigration in Sri Lanka for prior approval with the following documents:
    • The name and the nationality
    • Duration of stay
    • Nature of assignment
    • Recommendation of the line Ministry /organization/BOI
  • Department of Immigration & Emigration will inform the Mission to issue entry visa valid for one month. Any other visas cannot be converted to residence visa after arrival in Sri Lanka.

Visas for Journalists

The following are required:

  • A temporary import document known as “Carnetneeds to be submitted for professional cameras and media equipments to be carried to Sri Lanka
  • In the absence of a Carnet, a bank guarantee for the value of the equipments/the camera
  • If the visit is sponsored by a State institute in Sri Lanka, a guarantee letter from that institute ensuring that equipments will be exported
  • A prior license from Telecommunication Regulatory Commission is necessary for telephone equipments such as satellite phones.
  • Personal camera and video equipments need not be declared
  • Recommendation of media accreditation will be extended only to media personnel in possession of a relevant entry visa obtained from a Sri Lankan Mission abroad.

Other Visas (Seminars / Scholarships etc.)

Prior visas are required.  The required documents are as follows:

  • Invitation/offer letter from the Institute or International Organization
  • Request letter from attached Bangladesh institute

Application Forms

  1. Visa Application Form could be downloaded from this website or
  2. Could be obtained from the reception desk of the Sri Lanka High Commission between 9.00 a.m. and 12.00 a.m. during working days (Sunday to Thursday except Public Holidays)

Issuance of Visas

From 3.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. following day

(Further information can be obtained from Consular Assistant/Attaché/First Secretary, at 02-9896353)

NOC (No Objection Certificate)

NOCs are issued to Sri Lankans who are working in Bangladesh under a Work Permit on submission of the following documents:

  1. Duly perfected application Form. The form can be downloaded from this website
  2. Original passport with validity of one year
  3. Photocopies of the Passport (photo page, current visa page, renewal page & if any, other amendments)
  4. Photocopy of the Work Permit/Appointment Letter
  5. Request letter from attached Company

Please Note

  1. All information requested in the application form including email address must be furnished
  2. Applications should be submitted before 12.00 noon on working days (Sunday to Thursday)
  3. The Certificate will be issued on the same day
  4. NOC will not be issued to the applicant through fax
  5. Postage/Courier charges are needed to be submitted along with the application if the applicant wants to receive the NOC by post/courier.


Passports are issued by the Controller of Immigration and Emigration in Colombo and not by the Sri Lanka High Commission in Bangladesh. Citizens of Sri Lanka with residence in Bangladesh can apply for a passport at the High Commission. The application will be forwarded to the Immigration Department in Colombo where a machine-readable passport is issued. This usually takes about 6-8 weeks, if the correct application and complete documents are submitted. After receiving the passport from Colombo, the High Commission will inform the applicant to collect the passport.

Requirements for a new passport

  1. Duly perfected application form (Form K) that can be downloaded from or obtainable from the Sri Lanka High Commission in Dhaka
  2. Copies of current passport
  3. A copy of the Birth Certificate
  4. If there is a change in the name after marriage, a copy of the original marriage certificate should be attached.
  5. Necessary documents to confirm the applicant’s profession
  6. The declaration by the applicant should be made before the authorized officer at the High Commission
  7. Two coloured photographs (size 35 mm x 45 mm - direct face - both ears must be visible with name written on the back of each photograph). One photograph must be attested by an authorized person indicated in the application
  8. Signature must be within the cage
  9. Person who was born outside Sri Lanka should renounce his/her citizenship of the country of birth at the age specified in the 3rd paragraph of his/her Citizenship Certificate
  10. Charges for new passport is Taka 9,200/-

(All documents issued by the authorities in Sri Lanka must be authenticated by the Consular Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka)

Passport for new born babies

Since photographs of new born babies cannot be pasted in the “N” series passport of the parent by the Mission, parents are advised to submit duly perfected Form “C” along with mother’s passport to be forwarded to the Department of Immigration and Emigration in Colombo for insertion of the new born child’s photograph. 

If the parent needs to obtain a new passport for the baby, in addition to the above requirements (Items 1-10 under Requirements for a New Passport), the following should be submitted:

  1. If the applicant was born outside Sri Lanka, a copy of the Citizenship Certificate should be attached
  2. If the Citizenship Certificate is not available, a certified copy of the receipt of payment for Citizenship Certificate
  3. Certificate copy of the Consular Birth Certificate of the child
  4. Copies of parent’s Passports
  5. Written consent of parent to issue a new passport
  6. Marriage certificate of parent.

Note: Either father or mother can sign the application on behalf of the child.
Extension of Passport

  1. Passport issued with five-year validity can be extended up to 10 years
  2. The charge for one year is Tk. 65/-
  3. Applicant must submit duly perfected application form “O” that can be downloaded from website of the Department of Immigration & Emigration ( or obtainable from the Sri Lanka High Commission
  4. Extension of validity of passports can be done on the same day, upon submission of necessary documents by the applicant.

Amendments to Passport (Change of name, profession, inclusion of ID No. and validation for all countries)

  1. Changes are indicated in the Form  “O” – IM 37
  2. Duly perfected form “O” – IM 37 that can be downloaded from the website  “
  3. Fee for each change is Taka 155/-
  4. Fee for validation for all countries is Taka 2000/-.

Lost Passport

In addition to the above requirements (Items 1-10 under Requirements for a New Passport), following documents should be submitted:

  1. Police Report on the loss of passport (Original)
  2. “D” form
  3. Documents to establish identity (If the identity is doubtful address in Sri Lanka and contact details of his Next of Kin must be informed so that Immigration can check the information provided)
  4. When satisfied with genuineness, the endorsement has to be made by the officer to that effect personally
  5. Fee is Taka 15850/-.

Citizenship Certificate

Form “Citizenship 1” can be downloaded from the website “”

Registration of Birth

Application for registration of birth outside Sri Lanka (Within 90 days of the birth – Form B4), after 90 days – Form B6). These forms can be downloaded from Registrar General’s Department’s website (

Required documents

  1. Parents’ Birth Certificates
  2. Parents’ Marriage Certificate
  3. A letter issued by the hospital authorities regarding the child’s birth
  4. Birth Certificate issued by City Corporation with English translation (should be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangladesh – Consular Division)
  5. Passport copies of parents (2, 3, 5, 6 & valid visa page at the time of the birth of the child)
  6. Declaration Forms 1 & 2 of Citizenship of father/mother at the time of Child’s birth (Available in this website)
  7. Fee Taka 1495/- up to one year

Registration of birth under Citizenship Act

A separate set of above documents should be submitted at the time of handing over to register the birth of a child under the Citizenship Act.
Every form/certificate should be submitted in duplicate along with its originals. The original will be returned after certifying the relevant photocopies.
All certificates issued in Sri Lanka should have to be attested by the Consular section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka.
For more information please contact the High Commission.

Registration of Death

Forms – (Within 90 days of the Death – Form B 11, After 90 days – Form B 15). These forms can be downloaded from this website.

Required documents

  1. Death Report/Certificate issued by the relevant government authority.
  2. Passport of the deceased with visa page
  3. Death Report/Post Mortem Report.
  4. Fee is Taka 345/-.

Attestation of Certificates/Documents

  1. The Mission may countersign the documents originating from Sri Lanka/Bangladesh (as relevant) only if the documents have been duly signed by the authorized officer attached to the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka/Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh
  2. Mission could attest/authenticate documents originating in their host countries provided the documents carry the official seal and have been signed by the authorized officers of the Consular Division of the respective Foreign Ministry
  3. If the documents are originating from a concurrently accredited country, the additional requirement is that the documents should carry due authentication by the resident Mission of the concurrently accredited country located in the host country
  4. Consular fee Taka 1725/- should be paid.        

Power of Attorney / Affidavits

  1. It is not mandatory that an affidavit should be obtained through the lawyers
  2. Any citizen of Sri Lanka should be able to swear/affirm an Affidavit before a Diplomatic/Consular officer and have his signature attested.
  3. Fee for attestation of an Affidavit is Taka 1725/-.

Police Clearance Certificate

  1. Duly perfected Application Form that can be downloaded from the website “
  2. Passport, Birth Certificate, National ID (if available) with photocopies
  3. Fee is Taka 650/-.
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